Skype for Business Topology Builder changes

Now that Skype for Business Server has been released I thought I’d start off by having a look at the changes introduced to the topology builder. The role of the topology builder hasn’t changed from Lync but there are a few new additions due to new roles and new deployment options.

As has been widely reported you can’t deploy the tools on a machine that currently has the Lync 2013 tools installed, so after finding a suitable machine the first thing you notice is that the icon has been updated with the Skype logo

skype builder logo

 When you open it you’ll get the same prompt for downloading, opening or creating a new topology.

Topology Builder

You now get the option to upgrade an existing Lync pool

pool upgrade

And then the confirmation

upgrade confirmation

When creating an enterprise pool, the options have changed slightly with the introduction of support for SQL AlwaysOn

If you create a standalone SQL server the options display as:

Skype SQL option

But when you tick the box for high availability it selects AlwaysOn as by default (SQL mirroring is being depreciated by the SQL product team but mirroring is still supported with Skype for Business)

Skype SQL option alwayson

If you change it to mirroring you can then enter the mirror port number

Skype SQL option mirror

After choosing which HA SQL method you’ll be using the define sql Server store options will change and will remove the option for creating a mirror if you chose AlwayOn

sql mirror

sql alwayson

Again if you chose AlwaysOn for the Archiving/Monitoring stores it will remove the mirroring options

Skype SQL archiving

When creating a Skype Edge server you’ll notice there is a new box to select for federation

Skype Edge

Another new option in Skype for Business is the video interop server, initial configurable options are limited:

Skype vis server

Skype vis server2

Skype vis server3

The only option you have once the server/pool has been created is to enable TCP or change the ports

VIS server ports

Along with the Video Interop Servers there is the addition of Video Gateways and SIP Video trunks

vis gateway

vis video gateway